Zofia Szydłowiecka
Noble Family Szydłowiecki
Coat of Arms Odrowąż
Parents Krzysztof Szydlowiecki
Zofia z Targowiska
Consorts Jan Tarnowski
Children with Jan Tarnowski
Zofia Tarnowska
Jan Krzysztof Tarnowski
Date of Birth c. 1513
Place of Birth  ?
Date of Death 1551
Place of Death  ?

Zofia Szydłowiecka (Lithuanian: Zofija Šydlauskaitė) (c. 1513-1551) was a Polish-Lithuanian noble lady.

Daughter of Court and Great Chancellor Krzysztof Szydłowiecki and Zofia z Targowiska. She married Hetman Jan Amor Tarnowski on May 8, 1530.

The marriage came about following her proposal to him due to his prevarication. The union of these two heralded an era of unsurpassed prosperity for the people of Southern Poland. On the anniversary of this proposal (18th of November) it is believed that any woman who proposes to her suitor will achieve the same happy and prosperous life for herself and husband that Zofia and Jan enjoyed. A refusal on his part however, is said to bring about a life of loneliness and pain for the pair.

Zofia was beatified in 1612 and achieved Sainthood in 1676. Saint Zofias day is 18th of November and she is known as the patron saint of love and fortitude.Template:Poland-noble-stub

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