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The Wilderness of Zin/Desert of Zin (Hebrew: מדבר צין‎, Midbar Tzin) is a geographic area mentioned by the Torah as containing Kadesh-Barnea within it;[1] and it is therefore also referred to as the "Wilderness of Kadesh"[2]. Most scholars, as well as traditional sources, consequently identify this wilderness as being part of the Arabah.[3]

Similarly named is the Wilderness of Sin. Modern English translations make a distinction; but it is not easily evident from the LXX and the Vulgate that, apart from a couple of instances,[4] render both Hebrew ṣin and sîn as "Sin". The "Wilderness of Sin" is mentioned by the Bible as being adjacent to Mount Sinai; many modern scholars consider Sinai to refer to al-Madhbah at Petra, adjacent to the central Arabah, and it is thus eminently possible that the "Wilderness of Sin" and the "Wilderness of Zin" are actually the same place.


Coordinates: 30°58′16″N 35°19′30″E / 30.971°N 35.325°E / 30.971; 35.325

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