Zhu Rong (Chinese: 祝融; Pinyin: Zhù Róng; pronounced: tʂu˥˩ʐʊ̃˧˥) is the Chinese god of fire and ruler of the southern hemisphere from pre-Qin dynasty mythology. He is depicted as a proud man clad in armor wielding a sword and riding on a large tiger. He was one of the gods that helped separate Heaven and Earth and set up Universal Order.

He is most famous for battling his own son Gong Gong, who was a water demon responsible for causing floods. When Zhu Rong heard that his son was attempting to seize the throne of Heaven, he went to stop him. The two of them battled for days across Heaven until both plummeted down to Earth. Finally Gong Gong was defeated and sulked away in shame while Zhu Rong returned to Heaven triumphant, after having won a great battle.

Modern references

  • Zhu Rong is included as a card in the Anachronism card game by TriKings.
  • A pistol named the Zhu Rong v418 Chinese pistol which fires incendiary ammunition is found in the game Fallout 3.
  • There is a character in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms called Lady Zhurong who claims to be a descendant of Zhu Rong, and so the character appears in the Dynasty Warriors video game series.
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