Zenos was a prophet of Israel in Old Testament times whose prophecies of Christ’s mission are found only in the Book of Mormon. Zenos prophesied of Christ’s burial and three days of darkness (1 Nephi 19: 10, 12). He predicted the gathering of Israel (1 Nephi 19: 16). Jacob quoted Zenos’s parable of the tame and the wild olive trees (Jacob 5). Jacob expounded Zenos’s allegory (Jacob 6: 1-10); taught concerning prayer and worship (Alma 33: 3-11); taught that redemption comes through the Son (Alma 34: 7); was slain for his bold testimony (Helaman 8: 19); spoke of the restoration of the Lamanites (Helaman 15: 11); and testified of the destruction at Christ’s death (3 Nephi 10: 15-16).

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