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Zaduszki in Poland

Zaduszki (also dzień zaduszny) is a Polish tradition of lighting candles (znicze) and visiting the graves of the relatives on All Souls Day. Its origins can be traced to the times of Slavic mythology.

The tradition of lighting candles comes from ancient slavic Dziady feast and originally would take place on All Souls' Day. However, due to later common misunderstandings, it is performed nowadays mainly on All Saints Day, but, in that case is not called Zaduszki - the word Zaduszki originates from dzień zaduszny which can be translated as the day of the prayer for souls, and thus is more closely related to All Souls' Day.

The first day of November is a holiday in Poland. As many people make journeys to visit the places of burial of their relatives, heavy traffic develops and accident statistics peak. Most commercial activity also ceases.

Streets are filled with silent and solemn crowds, and cemeteries glow with thousands of candles, presenting a unique and picturesque scene.

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