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Younis Tsouli is described as the leader of cyber-terrorism for al-Qaida.[1]The 23 year old student of Westminster College of Computing used the alias of "Terrorist 007" to create websites for propaganda usage, and funding of terrorism. He has also hacked into American university computers, such as those at George Washington University, to teach online jihadist hacking.[2] One such example is a 20-page paper Tsouli posted entitled, "Seminar on Hacking Websites". Tsouli has also been linked to plotting in terrorism operations, such as a planned attack against sites in Washington D.C., and the failed car bomb attacks on London and Glasgow airports. [3] He has worked with high level al-Qeada leaders, such as Abu Musab Zarquawi, in the spreading of terrorist propaganda videos. [4] In October 2005, Scotland Yard arrested Tsouli in his West London home and charged him with eight offenses. In June 2007, Tsouli pleaded guilty to the charges and a London court sentenced him to ten years in prison. [5]


  3. The Economist print edition, “A world wide web of terror”, Jul 12th 2007

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