Yoel (Yoely) Lebowits (יואל לעבאוויטש ) is an American Hasidic entertainer, comedian, singer, and actor. Lebowits is the son of the Nikolsburger Rebbe and lives in Monsey, New York. He is a popular figure in Hasidic Jewish communities, specifically the Yiddish-speaking communities.

Career History

Lebowits started as a Badchen in 1997, performing Comedy at friends' weddings. He gained popularity after acting the comedic role in the Yiddish play "Hamaloch Hagoel" in 1998.

He became known as the "Pester Rebbe" because of his talent of imitating the Hungarian Language, implying that he is from Budapest.

In 1999 Lebowits debuted his first comedy album "Purim Y2K" (produced by Yochi Briskman). This was followed by "Purim Station" in 2004. The albums featured Yoely Lebowits and veteran comicYankel Miller.

As his popularity grew, Lebowits was hired to entertain at parties, dinners, Weddings and Sheva Brochos in the USA, Europe, and Israel.

Levowits has performed with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, with the Lipa Schmeltzer at "The Prudential Center" in New Jersey and with Mordechai ben David. He costarred a debut concert with Hasidic singer Shloimy Gertner in the Raleigh Hotel in South Fallsburg, NY.

Performance Style

While Lebowits is mainly a comic, he is gaining popularity as a singer. As do many religious entertainers, Lebowits mixes stories and words of wisdom and encouragement in his act.

Yoel Lebowits sings at hospitals, or for the homebound as well as for the people with special needs.

Recent Activity

Recent video clips posted on YouTube, received record breaking amount of hits in the Hasidic clips category. The clips include: "Pester Rebbe Inauguration" and "Der Geller Bus" (The Yellow Bus) which is a parody of the "Yellow Submarine" by "The Beatles".

Lebovits has been featured on in Yediot Achronot, Hamodia and Der Blick.[1]

According to sources close to Lipa Schmeltzer, Lebovits was supposed to be the surprise guest at "The Big Event" concert on March 9 2008, at the Madison Square Garden.

He performs often with fellow badchen R' Yankel Miller, and comedian Hilly Hill (son of Steven Hill) as well as with other badchonim.


  • Purim Y2K - 1999
  • Purim Station - 2004
  • Purim Bailout - 2009


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