Rabbi Yeshaya Labin the present Grand Rebbe of Ziditchov is the son of Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Labin z"l Zidichover Rebbe, of Brooklyn, New York. He was selected by his father as the Zidichover rov ("rov" meaning "rabbi" but the full Hasidic "rebbe".) He heads the Zidichover yeshiva and the Zidichover community in Brooklyn and in the village of Monticello, New York. He is known throughout the Jewish communities of Brooklyn and New York as a highly skilled mohel (ritual circumsiser.)

Ziditchov today

After the Rebbe of Ziditchov Naftali Tzvi Labin z"l past away, Rabbi Yeshaya Labin is now the Grand Rebbe of Ziditchov

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