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District North
Government Local council (from 1990)
Hebrew יָנוּחַ-גַ'תּ
Arabic يانوح-جت
Population 5,300 (2006)
Area 13400 dunams (13.4 km2; 5.2 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°58′58.02″N 35°14′39.29″E / 32.9827833°N 35.2442472°E / 32.9827833; 35.2442472Coordinates: 32°58′58.02″N 35°14′39.29″E / 32.9827833°N 35.2442472°E / 32.9827833; 35.2442472

Yanuh-Jat is an Arab local council in the North District of Israel. Probably place of the Biblical village of Yanuah (2 Kings 15:29). It was declared as a local council in 1990. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), it had a population of 5,300 in 2006. The rate of growth of the population is 2.6%. The majority of the town's inhabitants are Druze.[1]

Before a municipal merger in 1990, Yanuh-Jat was two villages: Yanuh and Jat. In 2003 the Israeli Government had an economical emergency plan in which Yanuh-Jat was merged with its surrounding neighbors: Julis, Abu Sinan and Yirka. The residents of those villages were against the merge and aimed to undo it. After one year, the merging was canceled and Yanuh-Jat was independent again. In origin, 70% of the citizens are from Yanuh and 30% are from Jat. Druze began arriving in Jat in the 17th century, while they arrived in Yanuh in the 18th century.[1]


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