Yüksekova (Template:Lang-ku; Assyrian/Syriac: Gawar ܓܒܼܪ) is a district of Hakkari Province of Turkey, situated close to the border with Iran. Its location on the trade route between Iranian Azarbaijan and eastern Turkey made it an important juncture for travelers and the location of several ethnic groups that were active in regional trade.

Famous Assyrians from Yuksekova

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Coordinates: 37°34′00″N 44°17′00″E / 37.5666666667°N 44.2833333333°E / 37.5666666667; 44.2833333333Template:EAnatolia-geo-stubsw:Yüksekova ku:Gewer, Colemêrgtr:Yüksekova, Hakkari

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