Xerophagy refers to the process of eating dry food.[1]. In some instances, this means bread and water only - particularly if being used as a form of discipline. In other cases, such as the Lenten fast, vegetables cooked with water and salt are eaten, and also such things as fruit, nuts, bread and honey. Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians practice xerophagy during Lent and other fasts.

More recently, involuntary xerophagy is imposed on miscreants as punishment, adding to the misery of their confinement. The Uniform Code of Military Justice permits commanding officers of United States Navy ships to use xerophagy as a disciplinary punishment for minor offenses without the intervention of a court-martial, "...if imposed upon a person attached to or embarked in a vessel, confinement on bread and water or diminished rations for not more than three consecutive days."


The term was derived from the combination of Greek and Latin expression which literally means "dry eating".


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