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Xanthus (pronounced:/ˈzænθəs/; Ancient Greek: Ξάνθος, Xanthos, "yellow, blond") may refer to:

In Greek mythology

  • Divine
    • Xanthus, the gods' name for Scamander, the great river of Troy and its patron god
    • Xanthus, one of the twelve sons of Pan who were allied with Dionysus
  • Human
    • Xanthus, son of Triopas and Oreasis
    • Xanthus, a son of Phaenops who was killed by Diomedes
    • Xanthus, a Theban king, the son of Ptolemy, killed by Andropompus or Melanthus
    • Xanthus, a son of Aegyptus who was killed by the Danaid Arcadia
    • Xanthus, lover of Alcinoe, who left her family to be with him
    • Xanthus, son of Erymanthus and father of Psophis
    • Xanthus, husband of Herippe
    • Xanthus, one of the four sons of Tremiles and Praxidike
  • Equine
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