The World Mission Workshop is an annual gathering of students of missions, missionaries and professors of missions associated with Churches of Christ. The workshop meets each year at a college campus.

Past and Future Workshops

Year Host Theme
1961 Harding CollegeGo Ye Unto All the World
1962 Freed-Hardeman CollegeUnknown
1963 Michigan Christian CollegeUnknown
1964 Abilene Christian CollegeWe Can Evangelize the World
1965 Harding CollegeUnknown
1966 Pepperdine CollegeChrist for the World
1967 David Lipscomb CollegeUnknown
1968 Lubbock Christian CollegeOnward Christian Soldiers
1969 Northeastern Christian CollegeA Meaningful Message
1970 Oklahoma Christian CollegeWhite Unto Harvest
1971 Southwestern Christian CollegeYe Shall Be My Witness
1972 Abilene Christian CollegeBeautiful Feet
1973 Pepperdine CollegeThe Open Door
1974 Harding CollegeHere Am I, Send Me
1975 Lubbock Christian CollegeSoldiers of Christ Arise
1976 Northeastern Christian CollegeProclaim Liberty
1977 Oklahoma Christian CollegeFlaming Fire
1978 Freed-Hardeman CollegeMust Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
1979 Abilene Christian UniversityGod, Youth and World Missions
1980 David Lipscomb UniversityThey Went Everywhere Spreading the Word
1981 Harding UniversityWhere in the World
1982 Pepperdine UniversityA Fire in my Bones
1983 Lubbock Christian UniversityGod So Loved the World
1984 Oklahoma Christian UniversityThe Aroma of Christ
1985 Freed-Hardeman UniversityGod's Great Love
1986 Columbia Christian CollegeLet the Redeemed of the World Say This
1987 David Lipscomb UniversityFrom the Cross to the World
1988 Abilene Christian UniversityLord of the Nations
1989 Harding UniversityGive me this Mountain
1990 Pepperdine UniversityThe Changeless Christ in a Changing World
1991 Lubbock Christian UniversityMission '91
1992 Oklahoma Christian UniversityLove in Any Lanuguage
1993 Freed-Hardeman UniversityLiving Water for a Dying World
1994 David Lipscomb UniversityHe is Exalted
1995 Abilene Christian UniversityTo Know Christ, To Make Christ Known
1996 Harding UniversityShine Jesus Shine
1997 Pepperdine UniversityCity Lights
1998 Lubbock Christian UniversityMission Possible: Who Will be Jesus?
1999 Oklahoma Christian UniversityGod's Heart for the Nations
2000 Western Christian CollegeCrossing the Border: Christianity in a Pagan World
2001 Freed-Hardeman UniversityLaunch Out into the Deep
2002 Abilene Christian UniversityGlorify, Unify, Testify
2003 Lipscomb UniversityThe Word Became Flesh
2004 York CollegeVoyage of Discovery
2005 Harding UniversityIf You say Go
2006 Lubbock Christian UniversityCrossing Over: Bridging all Barriers
2007 Oklahoma Christian UniversityEvery Tribe Every Tongue
2008 Faulkner UniversityWho is My Neighbor?
2009 Freed-Hardeman UniversityHe Must Increase...I Must Decrease
2010 Harding University (WWM 50th Anniversary)So That We May Have Life
2011 Abilene Christian University
2012 Rochester College or Western Christian College
2013 Lipscomb University
2014 Rochester College or Western Christian College

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