The World Dhammakaya Centre (WDC.) is a Buddhist parkland and sanctuary. It is located at Pathum Thani Province, Thailand. It is an extension of the temple called Wat Phra Dhammakaya and is arguably synonymous. This extension was started in 1985 by Phrarajbhavanavisudh and Khun Yay Mahā Ratana Upāsikā Chandra Khonnokyoong. The centre covers 1000 acres (4 km²). In the area there are six main landmarks. [1]

  • The Memorial Hall of Phramonkolthepmuni: This circular domed building was built in 2002 in honour of the revered monk Phramongkolthepmuni, the founder of the Dhammakaya Movement. At present it houses an exhibition and a golden statue of that monk. The building is open to visitors and pilgrims. [2]
  • The Great Sapha Dhammakaya Hall: This hangar-like construction built in 1997 is a multi-functional two-storey building is used for meditation, Buddhist lectures and ceremonies, youth training courses and monastic conferences. The upper level has been designed to accommodate 150,000 people and the lower level is used primarily for parking but can be used as seating capacity for an additional 150,000 people if necessary. [3]
  • The Dhammakaya Cetiya: The Dhammakaya Cetiya is a symbol of world peace through inner peace. Built entirely on international public contributions, it is also the embodiment of unity and love for mankind. The dome-shaped Chaitya (stupa) is the hallmark of what has become the largest venue for mass meditation and prayers for Buddhists and peace-loving people of the world.[4]
  • The Grand Meditation Amphitheatre: The Grand Meditation Amphitheatre is the name of a two-storey cloister built to accommodate monks, novices and peace-loving people from around the world to meditate and pray for the happiness of fellow human beings regardless of race, nationality, faith and religion.[5]
  • The Dining Hall of Khun yay Archaraya Chandra Khonnokyoong: Named after the founder of the Dhammakaya Temple, the Dining Hall of Khun Yay can seat up to 6,000 monks. Everyday, lay people come to enjoy offering food and refreshments to more than 1,200 monks and novices who reside at this temple. [6]
  • The Memorial Hall of Khun Yay Archaraya Chandra Khonnokyoong: This hexagonal pyramid-shaped chapel was built in 2002. It is made of gold-tinted plate glass. It is a two-storey structure. The lower floor is a museum with an exhibition telling the biography of Khun Yay Maha Ratana Upasika Chandra Khonnokyoong, the nun who founded Wat Phra Dhammakaya. The upper floor houses a golden image of the nun. [7]

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