Blessed William Pike (–22 December 1591) was an English Roman Catholic martyr who was beatified in 1987.

Several sources state that William was born in Dorset. In 'A History of Dorset' (ISBN 0705000109) A. Lindsay Clegg, former Town Clerk of Bournemouth, claims that Pike lived at Moordown, now within modern Bournemouth, then part of the Liberty of Westover. Pike, or Pyk was a common name in Westover since the 14th century, according to the Christchurch Cartulary (ISBN 1859757618). Pike is also said to have lived at West Moors in West Parley, where he worked as a carpenter. He was executed by being hung, drawn and quartered on 22 December 1591 for denying the Royal Supremacy. He is thought to have been converted to Catholicism by Thomas Pilchard.[1]


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