William Kamm also known as The Little Pebble or the antipope Peter II the Roman (born Cologne, Germany, 1950; currently living in Australia) is the leader of a religious group called the Order of St. Charbel, which claims however to be part of the Roman Catholic Church and due to be approved by the hierarchy. The Holy See does not regard the group as being part of Roman Catholicism.


Since 1968, Kamm has claimed to have hallucinated heavenly messages from God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints, some of them being secret. Kamm started an apparitionist group in 1985 and gained relatively little notice until being formally repudiated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wollongong in 2002, a decision confirmed by the Holy See. He favoured an apocalyptic view of Roman Catholicism that some feared paralleled the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God in Uganda.

Malcolm Broussard: close associate

Illegal episcopal ordination

Kamm's Order is sacramentally cared for by a former diocesan parish priest from Texas, Malcolm Broussard, who in 2003 was consecrated a bishop in Bavaria (although this episcopal ordination was not recognised by the Roman Catholic Church, thus leading to automatic excommunication[1]). Furthermore, Malcolm Broussard was suspended on September 20, 1989 for abandonding his priestly assignment and was not a priest in good standing[2]. Broussard ordained many of the lay men of the group to the priesthood, most of them not taking the traditional promise of clerical celibacy. He ordained Kamm a deacon in 2003.

Expulsion from the official diocesan presbyterate

Rev. Malcolm Broussard has since had his faculties as a priest revoked by the Vatican and his native diocese in Texas. He was also said to have incurred excommunication latae sententiae because of having received episcopal ordination which was not approved of by the Holy See.

Rejection of priestly celibacy

Kamm claims the Latin Rite obligatory celibacy does not apply to him, not even if finally declared "pope" sometime in the future; nor does it apply to the priests of his order. His critics say that this rejection of normative church discipline proves the illegitimate and fraudulent nature of his revelations and religious order.

Sexual assault: polygamy and mystical marriages

In October 2005, Kamm was sentenced to five years in prison with a non-parole period of three-and-a-half years for a string of sexual attacks including aggravated sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl. He claimed that she was one of his 84 mystical wives.

The assaults occurred when the girl was living within Kamm's Order of St. Charbel, a community (living in a compound) near Nowra, New South Wales. Kamm claimed to have received advice from the Blessed Virgin Mary that this girl should be chosen as one of 12 queens and 72 princesses who would all become his wives, with whom he would spawn a new human race after the world was cleansed and burnt by a ball of fire. Kamm himself continues to defend his polygamy, claiming to believe that Mary has instituted him to be the "new Abraham" spawning a numerous people.

Kamm's letters and diary entries [1] to the 15-year-old girl, which were made public during the court session, display an explicit sexual style and were major evidence in his prosecution.

Kamm was also found guilty in May 2007 of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault in relation to another 15 year old girl. In August 2007, after losing an appeal on his original sentence, Kamm was re-sentenced to a total of 15 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 11 years. He will be eligible for release on parole on April 13, 2013. [2]

Nature of prophecies

He has declared, that he will take the name "Pope Peter II" as a future pretender to the Holy See ; as such he is a future antipope. He was also noted for a series of unusual "prophecies" which were never fulfilled (including the start of World War III). Kamm claimed that Pope John Paul II, who remains widely venerated throughout Kamm's movement, would consecrate Kamm a bishop and appoint him as his official and sole successor to the papacy. When this prophecy was unfulfilled on Pope John Paul's death in 2005, Kamm quickly issued a press statement, saying "heaven clearly changed its plans" and declaring, that they would accept Pope Benedict XVI as legitimate Roman Pontiff. They claim prophecies have changed and stated that Kamm is to be the successor to Benedict XVI, instead of to John Paul II as previously claimed. One of Kamm's claims is that Pope John Paul II will rise from the dead and re-appear on the surface of the world again to fight evil along with Benedict XVI, and possibly to appoint Kamm.

St. Joseph's School of the Order of St. Charbel

He functioned as the 'spiritual leader' of a primary school (St Joseph's School) built inside the Order of St. Charbel, which had 31 students and only one schoolteacher (David Williams) who also functioned as the principal.

School principal left

Mr David Williams left the school at the end of 2005, claiming Kamm's order and organisation were becoming increasingly "cultish". He also said he could no longer believe the mystical claims and weird messages by Kamm, as he wanted to remain solely a devout Roman Catholic layman.


The school was subsequently closed by authorities following Kamm's conviction of sexual harassment. The reason given was that the school's chosen replacement teacher had insufficient qualifications to teach all the year levels, but it is likely that media and government scrutiny of Kamm contributed to the school's closure.


  1. Statement by Bishop Peter Ingham
  2. Letter from Bishop Fiorenza


  • Kamm once claimed that Hollywood planned to make a movie about his life, purportedly starring Mel Gibson.
  • Kamm also submitted lyrics for Celine Dion to sing.

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