The Wienerfelder Messe (Vienna Pop-Mass) is a popmass written by Thomas Raber. The name comes from Raber's home-parish "Wienerfeld" in Vienna, where the debut performance took place in 2006. In that year Raber toured through the churches of Austria. Furthermore the Mass was presented in all notable churchly radiostations(Vatican Radio, Radio Stefansdom, Radio Maria,...).


  • Opening: Lass uns feiern
  • Kyrie: Stück für Stück
  • Gloria: Wir loben dich und danken dir
  • Intermediate Song: Hörst du?
  • preparation of the Gifts: Der Leib Christi ist das Brot
  • Sanktus: Heilig
  • Offeratory: Gott ist da
  • Thank-Song: Danke
  • End: Wir sind Kinder Gottes



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