Whitecross is a Christian metal band that formed in 1986 in Chicago, releasing their first recording the following year. Their early albums, which often invite comparisons to Ratt, are laced with fast, technical guitar work. With the departure of guitarist Rex Carroll in 1992, the band's sound underwent a drastic change; so much so that many Whitecross fans show a strong preference for either the earlier or later work exclusively.

Whitecross has won three Dove Awards: two for "Hard music album of the year" with Triumphant Return (in 1990) and In the Kingdom (in 1992); and one for "Come unto the Light" from the Unveiled album, which won "Hard music recorded song of the year" in 1995.

In 1998, singer Scott Wenzel took a two-year break to do mission work in South America, and Whitecross was placed on hiatus. Little happened with the band for seven years, except for a couple of reunion gigs featuring both Wenzel and Carroll in 2002.

In 2005, Scott and Rex reunited to record Nineteen Eighty Seven, which featured re-recordings of nine of the ten songs from their self-titled debut (You're Mine being the exclusion), as well as a re-recording of the song Love on the Line (previously unavailable on CD) and a new guitar instrumental song by Rex Carroll.

There are plans to record new material for CD release as well as a possibility of Rex doing a guitar solo CD.

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