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When my love for Christ grows weak

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When My Love For Christ Grows Weak

"When My Love For Christ Grows Weak" is a hymn that was written by John Wre­ford.


When my love for Christ grows weak

When for deeper faith I seek

Then in thought I go to thee

Garden of Gesthemene

There I walk amid the shade

Where the dwindling twilight fades

See the friendless lonely one

Weeping praying all alone

When my love for men grows weak

When for stronger faith I seek

Hill of Calvary I go

To your scenes of fear and wo

There I turn to life again

Learning all the worth of pain

Learning all the might that lies

In a full self sacrifice

And I turn with firmer faith

To Christ who vanquished pain and death

And to Christ enthroned above

Raise a song of selfless love



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