The Wexford Martyrs were Matthew Lambert, Robert Tyler, Edward Cheevers, Patrick Cavanagh and two unknown individuals. In 1581 they were found guilty of treason for aiding in the escape of James Eustace, 3rd Viscount Baltinglass and refusing to take the Oath of Supremacy and declare Elizabeth I of England to be the head of the Church. They were subsequently hanged, drawn and quartered in Wexford, Ireland. They were subsequently Beatified by Pope John Paul II. The men were imprisoned and tortured following the betrayal of Lamberts aid to Viscount Baltinglass and his Jesuit chaplain, Fr Rochford following the defeat of the Desmond Rebellion. Questioned on faith and politics at what passed for their trial Matthew Lambert answered “I am not a learned man. I am unable to debate with you, but I can tell you this, ‘I am a Catholic and I believe whatever our Holy Mother the Catholic Church believes.’”

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