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Imperial Abbey of Wettenhausen
Reichsabtei Wettenhausen
Imperial Abbey of the Holy Roman Empire
Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg (lesser)
? – 1803 Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg

Wappen Kammeltal.png
Coat of arms

Capital Kammeltal
Languages Alemannic German
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Theocracy
Historical era Middle Ages
 - Founded 1130
 -  Gained Reichsfreiheit Unknown Enter start year
 - Joined Council of Princes 1793
 -  Secularised to Bavaria 1803

Wettenhausen Abbey (German: Kloster Wettenhausen, Reichsabtei Wettenhausen) was formerly a monastery of the Augustinian Canons; today it is a Dominican convent. The abbey is in Wettenhausen in the municipality of Kammeltal in Bavaria.


The abbey was founded in 1130 by Gertrud of Roggenstein and is dedicated to Saint Mary the Virgin and Saint George. It was dissolved in 1803 in the course of the secularisation of Bavaria. The library of 7,000 volumes was transferred to the library at Dillingen. The premises were thereafter used for a rent office.

Dominican sisters

In 1864 the buildings were acquired by the Dominican Sisters of St Ursula's in Augsburg, who established a school here, which today is a Gymnasium (secondary school) specialising in music and the sciences.

Abbey church

The former abbey church of the Assumption is now a parish church. It was built in the 12th century and altered in the 17th in the Baroque style by Michael Thumb.


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Coordinates: 48°23′47″N 10°21′32″E / 48.39639°N 10.35889°E / 48.39639; 10.35889

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