Wang ocheonchukguk jeon
Hangul 왕오천축국전
Revised Romanization Wang ocheonchukguk jeon
McCune–Reischauer Wang ochʼŏnchʼukkuk chŏn

Wang ocheonchukguk jeon (pinyin: wǎng wǔ tiānzhú guó chuán; "An account of travel to the five Indian kingdoms"") is a travelogue by Buddhist monk Hyecho, who traveled from Korea to India, in the years 723 - 727/728 CE. Written in Classical Chinese, the lingua franca of East Asia at the time, the work was long thought to be lost. However, a manuscript turned up among the Dunhuang manuscripts during the early 20th century. The five Indian kingdoms in the work's title refer to West, East, North, South and Central India.

English translation

  • The Hye Cho's Diary: Memoir of the Pilgrimage to the Five Regions of India (1984). Translation, text and editing by Yang, Han-sung et al. Religions of Asia series (Berkeley, Calif.); no. 2. UNESCO Collection of Representative Works. Berkeley, Calif.: Asian Humanities; Seoul: Po Chin Chai. ISBN 0895810247.


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