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WEC International
Founders C. T. Studd
Type Evangelical Missions Agency
Founded 1913
Area served 49 Countries
Motto reaching people - planting churches
Website International homepage, United Kingdom homepage, Australia homepage, United States homepage.

WEC International is a mission agency which focuses on church planting, and emphasises the importance of shared life in a local church as a vital expression of Christian life. WEC prioritises the planting of churches among indigenous people groups and Unreached people groups, who have little or no access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


WEC was founded in 1913 by Charles Studd (CT), the cricketer. The organization began as the Heart of Africa mission, changing its name to Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade.[1] Later, recognising the misunderstandings of using the word "crusade", the mission was re-named as Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ (WEC International).

Studd's son-in-law Norman Grubb took over the leadership in 1930, expanding the organisation and establishing recruitment bases in Toronto, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Charlotte, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Uruguay and France. Grubb continued to lead the movement until retiring from the position of International Secretary at the end of 1965.[2]

WEC today

WEC International has 1,719 active workers from 49 nations working in multicultural teams all over the world. The current International Directors of WEC are Australian Trevor and Jenny Kallmier.

WEC has a number of training bases and educational institutes in various branches across the world, from where they equip and send men and women onto the mission field. Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies in New Zealand, founded in 1996 by ex-director of the New Zealand branch and regional secretary for the West Pacific, Allan Shadbolt, is one such example.[3]



WEC International believes that God can provide for their needs without standard fundraising, and that He will be able tell his servants to give the needed money. Hence, their policy is to ask only God, and not people, to supply their needs.

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