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"A significant quote made by W. Ian Walker goes here".- W. Ian Walker
W. Ian Walker

Opinion articles written by W. Ian Walker

W. Ian Walker is a Canadian Christian involved in acting, dance, film, music, new media, news, publishing, radio, television, theatre, visual arts and writing ministry in Canada.

W. Ian Walker has been an Arts Administrator and Arts Fundraiser since Category:1980 and has worked with mostly Choral and Orchestral Arts Management organizations.

Media Service

W. Ian Walker's company in Mississauga, Ontario Emlian Communications Group Inc. can assist Christian artists, ministries and individuals with the following:

  • arts marketing, public relations and media accommodations services
  • artist development
  • professional development and fundraising services
  • special events marketing
  • Author- "Stirring My Soul To Sing, Overcoming Obstacles of ADHD" autobiography dealing with ADHD issues from a Christian perspective-soon to be published

Ian has been a Baritone chorister and active member with the Orpheus Choir of Toronto for five 1988s under Robert Cooper,CM Artistic Director of the Choir. Mr. Cooper has been close friend to Ian for 28 1988s, since he first sang in the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir in the early 1980’s.

In the fall of 2005, Ian Walker became the Founder and Music Director of the Youth Choir for the Nations Canada. He has helped the group form its own Board of Directors and will soon have its own charitable status.

Between 2008-2009, this "multicultural youth choir" have been invited to perform in several venues in Southern Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and the UK for the summer of 2009. As of January 2009, the Youth Choir will be under TACF and bi-monthly rehearsals will take place at this venue. We are constantly recruiting Christian Youth from the ages of 8-17 to join this amazing choir.

In December of 2006, Ian and the Youth Choir for the Nations Canada appeared on "100 Huntley Street” with international Christian Artist "Nancy Honeytree-Millar" and sang in English and Urdu.

When time permits, W. Ian Walker also acts as a baritone soloist and a worship leader for Christian events and other special services. With his wife Elaine, they attend TACF-Brampton location church and are blessed by the fellowship of Christian artists within the Greater Toronto area.


W. Ian Walker can be contacted via:

Emlian Communications Group Inc.
2301 Derry Road West, Suite 1004,
Mississauga, ON Canada L5N 2R4

  • [ W. Ian Walker's web site]
  • [ W. Ian Walker's Facebook page]

These social networks pages are in the development stages, I'm currently developing my web page!

Christian Testimony

W. Ian Walker became a Christian in 1972, when he gave his heart to the Lord. Ian was raised in Christian family, where love of the Word and love of "praise and worship music" were a part of family life for him and his siblings. Raised in Dundas, ON, the Walker Family are still an important "pillar family" at Dundas Baptist Church and both Ian's parents have served the church and the Christian community of Hamilton-Wentworth for many years.

Ian states that "the DNA of ministry" are in his genes as both his Walker grandparents were "preacher's kids" and the church was vital part of their lives. Ian's mother's family were originally Anglican (Church of England) however when they came to Canada in early 1915 from England...they enjoyed the fellowship of the Baptist church where three generations of the "Rashleigh" family now are involved.

Media Career Tips

W. Ian Walker recommends that

How to Help W. Ian Walker

You can help W. Ian Walker by

When a booking is coming together for either solo performance or involving the Youth Choir, please let me know the following:

A) The theme of the event that you would like special Christian music to be sung/performed B) The size of the church or special venue C) If your church or special hall has adequate sound system (otherwise may need to be brought in and added to cost of the event) D) If suitable baby grand or upright piano (has been recently tuned)is available for performance/service? E) Payment structure...honorarium or fee structure F) Any community media or public relations will be involved to promote the concert/event?

Worth Quoting from W. Ian Walker

"When an art form is created, the question is how do you come to it, and not does it come to you. Beethoven's music is not going to come to you, you have to come to it. Or in reference to the art and style of Picasso and Shakespeare; when you go to it, you get the benefit of the art form." Wynton Marsalis

Accolades For W. Ian Walker


Mr. Robert Cooper, CM Toronto Conductor & Mentor

Ms. Joanne Wallgren, Retired Christian Fundraising Consultant/Writer

Rev. Henry D'Silva, Christian Evangelistic Ministries/Co-Founder of Youth Choir for the Nations


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