Klostermølle: site of Voer Abbey, which has left no visible remains

Voer Abbey (Danish: Voer Kloster) was a Benedictine abbey situated on the Gudenå River near the present Klostermølle[1] in Voerladegård parish, Denmark.

The abbey was founded in 1172. To operate their water mill the monks diverted the water of the Gudenå by the construction of a canal over 1,300 metres long, which is still operational today.

The abbey was dissolved in 1552 as a consequence of the Reformation, and the buildings were demolished in 1560.

Voer Abbey may originally have been intended to form a double monastery with Vissing Priory, the nunnery on the other side of the river.

The site of the monastery, which has been excavated, is publicly accessible, although there are no visible remains.


  1. the name means "monastery mill" in Danish.

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Coordinates: 56°2′22″N 9°41′36″E / 56.03944°N 9.69333°E / 56.03944; 9.69333da:Voer Kloster

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