Saint Victor of Xanten
Statue of Saint Victor outside of Xanten Cathedral
Died 4th century
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Major shrine Xanten Cathedral
Feast October 10
Attributes Military attire

Victor of Xanten or Saint Victor is a martyr and saint of the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Church. His presumed bones are kept in a shrine since the 12th century that today is embedded into the high altar of the Xanten Cathedral. His feast day is October 10.

Tradition states that Victor was a Praefectus cohortis of a Cohort of the Theban Legion. He was closely associated with Ursus of Solothurn, and is said to have been a relative of Saint Verena. He was executed in the 4th century in the amphitheater of Castra Vetera (the site of present-day Xanten) for refusing to sacrifice to the Roman gods.


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