(or Preaching Scarf). Black scarf worn by bishop, priests and deacons at choir offices and other non-sacramental services.
Red or black outer garment of bishops. Resembles a knee-length, open-front waist coat.
Academic hood is usually worn by Anglican clergy at choir offices. It is also sometimes worn by Methodists and Reformed clergy with an Academic Gown ("Geneva Gown"), though this is fairly rare.
A short cassock reaching just above the knee, worn by archdeacons (for whom it is black) and bishops (for whom it is purple). Now largely obsolete.
Covering of the lower leg worn by archdeacons and bishops with the apron. Black, buttoned up the sides, and worn to just below the knee. Like the apron, these, too, are largely obsolete.
Canterbury cap 
a soft, square-shaped hat.

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