Verbrüederigsbuech vo Sanngalle

Verbrüderungsbuch of St. Gallen

Verbrüderungsbuch (codex of fraternisation) is the German name for registers of monasteries in the Middle Ages. They also contained lists with the names of sponsors and benefactors, as well as persons in close spiritual contact with a monastery, so that they were actively remembered in the prayers of the monks. In many cases these books were established as early as the 8th century and continued up to the 13th century. So-called Jahrtagsbücher (year books) are in many ways their successors.

Verbrüderungsbücher are a rich source for prosopography and historical linguistics of the early Middle Ages.


  • Paulus Piper (Ed.): Libri Confraternitatum Sancti Galli Augiensis Fabariensis. In: Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Berlin 1894 (transcription of the Verbrüderungsbuch of St. Gallen with commentary)
  • Franz Beyerle: Die Fratres de Friburch im St. Galler Verbrüderungsbuch. In: Schau-ins-Land. Published by the Breisgau-Verein Schau-ins-Land, Freiburg im Breisgau 1954als:Verbrüderungsbuchfi:Veljeskirjat

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