Venerable Stylianus of Paphlagonia was born to a wealthy family between the 4th and 6th centuries in Paphlagonia, Asia Minor. Upon his parents' death he donated all the family wealth and entered into monastic life with great devotion.

After some time in the monastery he gained a reputation for piety and excellence in the spiritual life, however, the jealousy of the other monks drove Stylianus to pursue the solitary life of a hermit.

Stylianus gradually gained a reputation for sanctity with the local people who came to him increasingly for aid with their spiritual and temporal needs. He became well known as a healer of physical and mental illnesses. His great affection for children also inspired parents to ask his prayers for their offspring and he became known as a protector and healer of the young.

Venerable Stylianus is commemorated on 26 November in the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic Churches.[1]


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