Vahman is one of the seven Amesha Spenta, or Holy Immortals, of Zoroastrianism. Vahman's Avestan name is Vohu Manah, Vahman or Bahman are Pahlavi renderings.

Vahman is creator of the primal bull, all cattle and animal life. Vahman is believed in as patron of business and purposefulness.

The second day of every month is holy to Vahman, as is the entirety of the eleventh month. These days and this month are all named Vahman. In India, Hindu cattle owners will drive their cattle to Parsi communities so that the Parsis might gain merit by feeding and caring for Vahman's cattle. Vahman Jashan is the second day of the eleventh month, and is the name-day feast of Vahman. However, it is not an important festival among Zoroastrians. The old midwinter festival of Maidyarem is also sacred to Vahman.

As with all Zoroastrian months, the month of Vahman is thirty days long. Various Zoroastrian communities align their calendars differently with the Gregorian calendar and the natural year. The date ranges of the month of Vahman in the three calendars are as follows: