Upakarma is one of the ancient Vedic rituals practiced to date. The event is conducted once a year, around August - September and most practicing Brahmins follow it. The main activity performed in an Upakarma is the changing of the Yajnopavita (Yagnopavita) or the Holy Thread.

Upakarma, in Sanskrit, means "Beginning" and historically, the day was considered auspicious for beginning the Vedic studies.

When is upakarma observed?

Different sects of people have different dates on which upakarma is performed. Those who follow Yajurveda observe the Yajur upakarma in the month of Sravana (August-September), on the full moon day [1]; more particularly, Yajur upakarma is held on the full-moon day that comes before the new-moon day of the month of Sravana (Avani).


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