Udine de Leon Falabella (born 1925) was the first Stake President in Guatemala. He later served in several other church leadership positions, including serving as president of the Guatemala City Temple starting in 1996.

Falabella's first wife, Leonor, died in 1955, leaving him to raise four young children.

Falabella was a candy maker.

In 1962 Falabella and his children joined the Church. Not long after that he was called as district president. As district president he organized the first temple trip from Guatemala in 1965.[1] The Falabella family and others from the district traveled the 15 day journey to the nearest temple, the Mesa Arizona Temple. There Brother Falabella was sealed by proxy to his deceased wife and then sealed to his children.[2]

At some point Brother Falabella remarried, to Graciela Aguirre.

When the first stake was organized in Guatemala, Brother Falabella was called as president of that stake.

Brother Falabella also served as a Regional Representative and as a stake patriarch.

From 1996-2000 Falabella was president of the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple.

Brother Falabella is the father of Enrique R. Falabella who is currently a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy.


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