The Wisdom King Ucchusma.

Ucchuṣma (Chinese and Japanese phonetic translations: 烏枢沙摩明王, 烏枢瑟摩明王, 烏瑟沙摩明王 or 烏芻沙摩明王, Japanese: Ususama Myōō; Chinese significant name: 除穢金剛 Chúhuì Jīngāng and 穢跡金剛 Huìjì Jīngāng, lit. Vajra purifing the unclean) is a vidyaraja (wisdom king) in the Vajrayana sect of Buddhism. He is also known by various other names such as Eshaku Kongou (穢跡(積)金剛), Jusoku Kongou (受触金剛) and Kazu Kongou (火頭金剛.)

His full name is Great Strength Furious Diamond Ucchuṣma, in sanskrit "Vajra Krodha Mahābala Ucchuṣma", in Chinese 大力威怒金刚烏芻使摩 (Dàlì wēinù jīngāng Wūchúshǐmó), from the Chinese version of the Sūtra of Mahābala and the Tibetan version of the Ārya Mahābala-Nāma-Mahāyāna Sūtra.

In Japanese Zen and Shingon Buddhism, Ucchuṣma is a guardian of the bathroom, where his statue is often present. He was known to the general public for his powers of purification of the unclean,[1] in particular in respect to sexual diseases.[2][3]

Ucchuṣma was also thought to be able to change a female fetus into a male one.[1]

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