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Foundations of Tvis Abbey

Tvis Abbey (Danish: Tvis Kloster; Latin: Tutta vallis) is a former Cistercian monastery in Denmark. It was situated a few kilometres south of Holstebro in Jutland, on a small island between the Storå and the Tvis Å rivers.


The abbey was founded in 1163 by Prince Buris as a daughter house of Herrevad Abbey in Scania (now in Sweden), with a substantial endowment of property round the town of Holstebro. The abbey was dissolved during the Reformation, probably in 1547.

The abbey church, which served as a parish church, was demolished, apparently in 1698, after which a replacement was set up in the west wing, but that too was demolished after the construction of a new parish church in 1887. Today there are no visible remains apart from the foundations.

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