Tudong is a Sumatran word which is commonly translated/referred to as a veil or headscarf in English.

In Malaysia the tudong is worn in accordance to Islam's hijab. Usually, the tudong covers the hair while leaving the face exposed. It is part of the standard dress code for office work, school uniforms and formal occasions.

In Indonesia a tudung is a form of jilbab that has a swen-in curved visor. It is worn geneerally amongst the lowest-class of society and is commonly considered a fashion faux pas and peasant-wear.

Tudong is also a word used in Thailand for when Buddhist monks undertake forest wandering and solitude, following the 13 rules of Tundong given by the Buddha. Although the Buddha's definition of Tudong (alternatively known as Tudangkha) has little to do with wandering, the Thais have adapted the phrase to refer to the act of constantly travelling from place to place and staying in the wilderness.

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