District North
Government Local council (from 1988)
Hebrew טוּבָּא-זַנְגָרִיָה
Arabic طوبه زنغرية
Also spelled Tuba az-Zanghariyya (officially)
Population 5,200 (2005)
Area 1962 dunams (1.962 km2; 0.758 sq mi)
Founded in 1903

Tuba-Zangariyye or Tuba az-Zanghariyya (Arabic: طوبه زنغرية‎, Hebrew: טוּבָּא-זַנְגָרִיָה‎) is an Bedouin Arab local council in the North District of Israel. It was formed by the merger of the two villages of Tuba and az-Zangariyye. It is 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi) east of Safed and 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of the Golan Heights. It is about 250 meters above sea level.


The villages were named after the Bedouin tribes 'Arab al-Zanghariyya and 'Arab al-Hayb, who lived in tents near Ein Tuba (Tuba Spring). The nomads first lived in tent encampments and later settled villages. The village was established in 1903.

Some Bedouins of Tuba had long standing ties with nearby Jewish communities. They helped defend these communities in the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, some Bedouins of Tuba formed an alliance with the Haganah defending Jewish communities in the Upper Galilee against Syria. Some were part of a Pal-Heib unit of the Haganah. Sheik Hussein Mohammed Ali Abu Yussef of Tuba was quoted in 1948 as saying, "Is it not written in the Koran that the ties of neighbors are as dear as those of relations? Our friendship with the Jews goes back many years. We felt we could trust them and they learned from us too".[1]

The two towns were captured by Haganah forces in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War on May 4 during a sub-operation of Operation Yiftach. Al-Zangariyye was virtually destroyed but Tuba was not attacked by Israeli forces and remained intact. Most of the inhabitants who fled the two villages prior to their captures, moved eastward into Syria or in the case of many al-Zangariyye residents, to Tuba[2]

Remaining Bedouins lived in tent encampments until the 1960s. Tuba-Zangariyye achieved Local Council status in Israel in 1988[3]. The council is not elected, but appointed. It is headed by former Israeli general Zvika Fogel, who was appointed to the post by Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit in 2008.[4]


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Coordinates: 32°57′57.52″N 35°35′35.54″E / 32.9659778°N 35.5932056°E / 32.9659778; 35.5932056

ar:طوبا الزنغرية


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