This Conservapedia entry focuses on the concept of truth relating to God and society; for the definition as a philosophical and logical term, see truth_(logic).

Truth is one of the fundamental building blocks of reality. One could probably say that without truth, nothing could exist. In fact, not only is truth a fundamental building block of reality, but it is also a central character trait and attribute of the one who is in control of all things, namely God himself. Jesus Christ, the second Person of the triune God, proclaimed about himself in John 14:6, "...I am the way, and the truth, and the life...". From that verse and others, we can conclude that truth is not something external to God himself, but is rather something that is inextricably joined and a part of His Being.

Truth as a Value

Truth can be considered to be a morally desirable trait in a person, since it the antithesis of "undesirable" traits such as deceit or corruption. Christians in particular uphold Truth as a desirable value, since it is something taught by the Bible, and Jesus himself. As a rule, liberals do not hold Truth to be an important value. They believe that truth is subjective, and everyone can freely decide on his own version of truth, see moral relativism.


Many opponents of truth have arisen over the course of human history, such as communist China and Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Such enemies typically advocate the wide use of censorship. Incidentally, many liberals also advocate the use of censorship in the form of political correctness, e.g. refusing to describe someone as crippled or as spastic when they plainly are, out of some misguided notion of politeness. Former Vice President and notorious liberal Al Gore made several untruthful claims in his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Many liberals mock Truth by coining terms like "truthiness" (Stephen Colbert) to deride the real nature of truth.

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