Christian crossTrooditissa
Monastery Information
Jurisdiction   Paphos Bishopric
Church of Cyprus
Established   990
Disestablished   still active
Location   Troodos, Cyprus
Dedicated to   Virgin Mary
Celebration   August 15
Founder   unknown

Trooditissa Monastery, (Μοναστήρι Τροοδίτισσας) is situated on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains on the island of Cyprus. It is an orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

It was founded in 990, but the current building dates back to 1731. It is built at an altitude of 1,500m (4566 feet) and the closest village is Plátres.


Coordinates: 34°55′N 32°50′E / 34.917°N 32.833°E / 34.917; 32.833

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