Stecak Vojvode Momcila Vrucica Teslic 1

Duke Momčilo's tombstones

Stecak Vojvode Momcila Vrucica Teslic 2

The main tombstone of the group

Duke Momčilo's Tombstones (Serbian Cyrillic: Стећци Војводе Момчила) is a group of three medieval tombstones about 5 km to the South-East from the center of Teslić in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exact location of the tombstones is in Brkića Potok, a sub-village of Vrućica. They are situated on a hill, on south-western sides od Stražbenica hill.

The locals named the tombstones as Duke Momčilo's tombstones and they believe that they are tombstones of the duke, his wife and their child. No historical or archeological research confirmed that there ever was any Duke reigning the area, nor there was any other ruler named Momčilo.

The tombstones are not under care of any official authority. No research concluded their age or origin.


  • Petar Bogunović: Iz usorskog kraja i okoline
  • Boško Petrović: Vojvoda Momčilo

Coordinates: 44°34′45″N 17°53′56″E / 44.57917°N 17.89889°E / 44.57917; 17.89889sr:Стећци Војводе Момчила

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