Template:Chinesetext The town of Tingzhou (汀州) is the seat of the Changting County government, Party and police.


More information on the colorful past of the town and former prefecture is in the article on the county.

Reference of Place-name

The county town bears the name of the large pre-Republican prefecture which it long administered; Tingzhou fu encompassed Ninghua and Qingliu counties in Sanming municipality as well as the entirety of Longyan.


The town is the seat of a modest cathedral built by Roman Catholic bishop Johann Lesinski. To this day the territory of the Imperial-era prefecture Tingzhou fu remains, in the eyes of the Holy See, a diocese under the Metropolitan at Fuzhou. The cathedral has no such status though under the Patriotic Catholic administration, and in fact is little used even as a church.[1]

Notes and references

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