Timothy Training Institute
Founded 1986
Motto "a foundation for life..."

Timothy Training Institute (TTI) is a non-denominational Christian mission, equipping church leaders with thorough Biblical knowledge and life-application studies, to enable them to better serve their communities and lead their congregations.


Timothy Training Institute was founded in 1986 by Christians, representing various Christian organizations, from several countries across Africa, including South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola etc. when they received the vision (with the emphasis on "Christian leadership training") to equip church leaders, as many church leaders across Africa have no formal training.

Timothy Training Institute (then "Project Timothy") began to formally train church leaders in Mozambique, in 1986. It didn't take long for the training to become popular; and soon, a large number of church leaders were starting to learn and began to implement their newly acquired knowledge and skills into their communities.

In the early 1990s, after witnessing the success of the training in Mozambique, it was decided to conduct classes in South Africa, which at that stage was in the middle of a huge crisis, called Apartheid. Timothy Training Institute went into the "black-communities" and started to conduct classes. Again, the training was a huge success and it wasn't long, until church leaders from all over South Africa started to request Timothy Training Institute, to also conduct classes in their areas. This literally created a "snowball-effect" and soon after conducting classes in all of the provinces of South Africa, Timothy Training Institute received more requests from various SADC countries.


Timothy Training Institute today, is operated from Somerset East, South Africa and currently serves the Word to nearly 2 million people, by the nearly 20 000 graduated students since 1986. Timothy Training Institute operates in 40 countries (directly and indirectly and including several countries suffering under religious persecution) around the world and works in conjunction with several international organizations.


Training of new pastors in Africa has always been a challenge. The traditional western methods of simply attending a Bible college for several years are not always practical in Africa-context. Very often, it happens, that when someone does feel called, and can somehow find the funds needed to go to seminary or Bible school, they almost never return to their village.

Timothy Training Institute provides pastoral training at the hub church. This enables the new trainee pastor to do 'on-the-job' training. The students can live at home and serve their people while they complete their studies.

The course itself was developed "by Africans for Africans", which is why Timothy Training Institute's course is so popular in Africa.


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