Timothy Paul
Metropolitan Archbishop of the International Communion of the Holy Christian Orthodox Church
Enthroned September 2007
Reign ended Incumbent

Timothy Paul (born Timothy B. Baymon[1][2]) is the Metropolitan Archbishop of the International Communion of the Holy Christian Orthodox Church ( Under the leadership of Paul, the Communion has grown to over 1000 parishes with over 250 parishes in foreign countries. In addition to his service as Metropolitan Archbishop of the ICHCOC, he currently serves in his second consecutive term as President of the World Bishops’ Council, the largest body of ecumenical Bishops representing over 40 million Christians worldwide.[3][4]

Local roles

Baymon is also pastor of Praise and Glory Church in Springfield, MA and president of Epiphany Development Corporation which is building a $18 million boutique hotel at the Epiphany Tower building on State Street in that city.[5][6] He is president of Springfield Christian College and Theological Seminary, an institution for aspiring ministers that gives credit for life experiences. SCCTS is accredited by Accrediting Commission International (ACI). ACI is not recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education as an accepted accreditor. [7][8] Baymon himself attended Wheaton College[9]

Timothy Paul, a native of Springfield, MA, is a veteran community leader with over 20 years of service providing leadership to non-profit organizations and formally recognized around the country by both the City of Springfield and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is a member of the board of New England Partners in Faith[10]

World Bishops' Council presidency

Under Baymon, the World Bishops Council has stood against Universalism, in one case correcting the teachings of United Church of Christ Bishop Carlton Pearson, which the Council judged to be heretical.[11][12] In 2001, the Unification Church promoted an event called "We Will Stand!" where Baymon introduced Sun Myung Moon as the keynote speaker on a 50-state 51-day tour.[13][14][15] Baymon signed a letter with twenty-eight other religious leaders in support of religious freedom in Iraq[16] Representing the WBC at the United Nations' 60th DPI/NGO Conference, Baymon urged Christians to "become greater stewards of the earth" by conserving energy, by reducing greenhouse gases and deforestation, and by creating public and private partnerships which will lead to renewable energy sources.[3]

International Communion of the Holy Christian Orthodox Church

With a background in the Church of God in Christ, Timothy Baymon entered the autocephalous movement and was ordained in August 1999 by Carl Jimenez, Peter Brennan, James Lagona, and Joseph Grenier.[17] The ICHCOC has recently established its U.S. Headquarters in Springfield, MA following the purchase of the historic Springfield Masonic Temple, renamed the Basilica of the Holy Apostles. The church is devoted to offering a place where the three major streams of Christianity (Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal) can worship together.[18][19]

Deposed bishop Edward Chomba charged that Baymon on January 1, 2007 attacked him, accusing him of practicing witchcraft and brainwashing another man. Baymon was arraigned and plead not guilty. At the arraignment, Baymon's lawyer argued for dismissal of the charges, stating there were four witnesses to the fight and claimed the witnesses said Baymon "didn't do anything."[1][2]

In September 2007, the Holy Christian Orthodox Church, and the Holy Synod of Bishops voted, and elected him as Patriarch of the International Communion.

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