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Tibetan Buddhism is one of the traditional religions of

During the 20th century, Tibetan Buddhism began to be adopted by some ethnic Chinese as well as Westerners, whose view of religion often incorporated fantasy elements (see Theosophy, Shangri-La, Orientalism). In the wake of the 1959 Tibetan uprising, a Tibetan diaspora has made Tibetan Buddhism more widely accessible to the rest of the world, with the (fourteenth) Dalai Lama as a familiar representative.

Celebrity converts include Brandon Boyd, Richard Gere, Adam Yauch, Jet Li, Sharon Stone, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, and Steven Seagal (who has been proclaimed the reincarnation of the tulku Chungdrag Dorje).[1]

  1. Steven Seagal - "The Action Lama"

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