Pope Pius found the Tiara of Pope Gregory XVI (pictured) too heavy and had a lightweight tiara made.

The Tiara of Pope Pius X was a papal tiara manufactured for Pope Pius X by the papal jewellers, Tatani, to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Pius's ordination as a Catholic priest.

The new tiara, the only tiara he received in his reign, was given to him in 1908.

It was manufactured for the pope because Pius complained that the normal tiaras worn, the Palatine Tiara, the Golden Tiara and his particular favourite, the Tiara of Pope Gregory XVI were all too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

While a number of lightweight tiaras did exist, many were quite old and fragile.

Records suggest that the Tiara of Pope Pius X was rarely worn by his successors.

The tiara is now on view, with the others, in the Papal Treasury in the Vatican.

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