The 1834 Tiara of Pope Gregory XVI was a papal tiara given to Pope Gregory XVI. It was the first of three tiaras received or commissioned by Pope Gregory during his reign.

The tiara was unique up to the nature of its decoration, which involved three crowns containing outstanding large clover shaped in gold, laid with heavy jewels.

The new style of design was copied in the later Palatine Tiara given to Gregory's successor, Pope Pius IX by the Vatican's Palatine Guard in 1877.

Gregory's tiara was one of the most worn in the papal collection. Pius IX, Pius X and Pope Pius XII all wore the tiara. It is unknown if Pope John XXIII ever wore it.

Popes ceased to wear papal tiaras in 1963 though the usage has not been abolished. Future popes could decide to wear papal tiaras, including the Tiara of Pope Gregory XVI, in the future.

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