Our father among the saints Thomas II was Patriarch of Constantinople during the middle of the seventh century. During the troubled times of the Christological disputes he was Orthodox in his faith and teaching. He is commemorated by the Church on November 16.

Little is known of his life. Thomas was in the service of the patriarchate in which he served as a scribe, a refendarius, a chancellor of the Patriarchate, and director of the Scala Gerokoeion and the Neapolis Ptochotropheion. Thomas was elected patriarch from the diaconate over six and a half months after the repose of his predecessor, Patriarch Peter. His consecration has been dated as on Holy Saturday in the year 665.

The length of his rule as patriarch is uncertain as sources differ as to it length. The sources vary from two years and seven months according to Nicephoros, to three years by Theophanes, to four years and seven months on Leoglavious' list. Patriarch Thomas reposed in 669

Preceded by:
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
John V


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