In Greek mythology, Thestius (Ancient Greek: Θέστιος) was the son of either Ares and Demonice,[1] or Agenor (son of Pleuron son of Aetolus) and Epicasta.[2] He was the father of Iphicles with Leucippe,[3] or Deidameia, daughter of Perieres,[4] or else with Eurythemis, daughter of Cleoboea and mother of his other children, Althaea, Eurypylus, Evippus, Hypermnestra, Leda, Toxeus and Plexippus.[5] In one source though, the mother of Althaea and Leda is Laophonte, daughter of Pleuron.[6]

Thestius was allied with Tyndareus and Icarius against Hippocoon.[7]

He is not to be confused with Thespius, who was sometimes referred to as "Thestius".[8]

The patronymic "Thestias" may refer to one of his daughters, Leda or Althaea,[9][10] and "Thestiades" to his son Iphicles.[11]


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