Theppotsava is the floating festival organised each year when the lake Kolarammana Kere overflows. Theppotsava is not just confined to Kolar town but is celebrated in almost all the towns and villages of Karnataka with a standing body of water. Theppotsava is a big festival in many villages and towns and generally indicates good rains and harvest season. It's a way of expressing gratitude to the rain gods and in general to the lake for holding the water which is very precious in water-scarce regions.


The festival involves the whole community, and usually is celebrated over many days of festivities and fairs. The Kolar Theppotsava begins with offering puja to the presiding deity of the town, Kolaramma. Then a float is made on which the statue of the goddess is placed. The women of Kolar town and Kurubarapet make their own little floats with a lamp on it and take it to the lake. After offering puja to the lake, the floats are dispersed in the water at night.

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