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His All-Holiness Theoleptus II of Constantinople was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1585 to 1586.

Little is known of his life. As the patriarchs in Constantinople were under constant pressure to fulfill the financial demands of the Ottoman Turk government to obtain as well as retain their offices, Patr. Theoleptus, after replacing Pachomius II in 1585, sent two emissaries to Moscow, Russia to solicit funds to satisfy the demands of the government. By the time the emissaries returned, Patr. Theoleptus had been deposed and Jeremias II, a rival of Theoleptus, had returned as patriarch for the third time. [1]


  1. [[1]] Georges Florovsky: Ways of Russian Theology Notes to Chapter II: 125
Preceded by:
Pachomius II
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Jeremias II Tranos

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