Theodor Haecker (June 4, 1879 in Eberbach - April 9, 1945 in Ustersbach) was a German writer, translator and cultural critic.

He was a translator into German of Kierkegaard and Cardinal Newman. He became a Roman Catholic convert in 1921. He is known for his consistent opposition to the Nazi regime, which took steps to silence him, and his connections with the German resistance to them, such as the White Rose. It was during this time that he wrote his most important work, the journals known as the “Journal in the Night”. The notes in these journals are amongst the most impressive reflections on fascism. They are the document of an intellectual’s inner resistance against National Socialism. Haecker’s achievement can be considered as an important foundation of Christian resistance to National Socialism. Haecker had links with the circle around the Scholl siblings, where he read excerpts from his “Journal in the Night”.

After the bombing of Munich in World War II he fled Munich to live the last months of his life in the small village of Ustersbach near Augsburg, where he was buried after he had died on April 9th 1945.

Alexander Dru about Haecker’s Journal in the Night: “This book, reminiscent in form of Pascal's Pensées, is his last testimony to the truth and a confession of faith that is a spontaneous rejoinder to a particular moment in history. It is written by a man intent, by nature, on the search for truth, and driven, by circumstance, to seek for it in anguish, in solitude, with an urgency that grips the reader. Theodor Haecker was a man of deep insight and rare intellectual integrity a Knight of Faith.”

Publications in English

  • Virgil, Father of the West; translated by Arthur Wesley Wheen; Sheed & Ward: London, 1934.
  • Journal in the Night; translated by Alexander Dru; With a biographical and critical introduction by the translator (Pantheon Books, 1950)cs:Theodor Haecker

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